About Us

The Clawset allows you to shop new and pre-loved clothing at great prices all while helping animals throughout the country.

Mindy, the Clawset's founder spent a number of years volunteering for different organizations that benefited the community, but knew that helping animals was her purpose in life.

After she moved to Texas she had the opportunity to foster animals that needed a home. When she reached the maximum number of pets she could foster and adopt, she wondered how she could continue to help animals in need.

One day, the light came on and The Clawset was formed. We have already grown from "just an idea" to a business that is supporting animal rescues.

This is not a solo mission. The Clawset is powered by donations from individuals like yourself. With your help as a customer, donating clothes or supporting the Clawset in other ways, together we are able to help rescues continue to save and help animals in need.

Whether it's finding them a home or rehabilitating them for a chance at a new beginning, animals are being helped while also reducing the impact on the environment by extending the life of quality clothing.

With much gratitude,



Meet the crew:

Pnut is 13 years young (2017) and was adopted from a shelter in Illinois. She has been in the family since she was 8 weeks old. By the way she acts you would never know she is a "senior".

Pnut loves going for walks and playing fetch.


Bentley is 3 years young (2017) and was born in a car coming back from a shelter in Corpus Christi. I was fostering him until it was decided that he needed to just stay right where he was.

Bentley loves going for walks and would prefer to not go for car rides or walk on wood floors.


Molly is around 2 years young (2017) and was adopted from a shelter in San Antonio. As soon as we met, I knew she would be a great addition to the family.

Molly loves to cuddle, go for walks, car rides, and hoarding her toys.


In loving memory....

Bailey Mae was 17 years old. She was adopted from a shelter in Illinois when her and her littermates were dropped off. She was with the family since she was 8 weeks old.

Bailey loved going for walks, car rides, and traveling the country.

She crossed the rainbow bridge in November of 2016.