Spring Cleaning Your Closet

4 Tips to Spring Clean Your Closet
1. Take inventory
The first step in your closet clean-out is to completely empty it. Remove everything, including clothes, hangers and shoes -- and put it on your bed or floor. Don't forget to grab items from shelves, bins and drawers, too. You want to start completely fresh, like you've never had clothes before and the pile you made is your shopping area.
2. Grab some bags
Next, you're going to need to grab some trash bags, a marker and some tape. Put a strip of tape on the first bag and write on it with the marker "trash." On the second bag, place a strip of tape on it and label that bag "donate."
3. Set rules for what goes back in
Now that you have the preparation done, the fun starts! You're going to make four piles: keep, repair, trash and donate. The trash pile and charity pile are the labeled bags. The keep and repair piles can be on top of your dresser, a chair or somewhere separate from the rest of the clothes.
  1. If you haven't worn it in a year and it's still in good condition, it goes in the donate bag.
  2. If it has holes, worn-out elastic or rips that can't be repaired, put in the trash bag.
  3. If it's not your style, it goes in the donate bag.
  4. If it's fantastic, you love it and you wear it, put it in the keep pile.
  5. If it doesn't fit, donate it.
4. Finishing up
Your closet cleaning journey is almost over. Now you just need to put everything from the keep pile back in your closet. For the rest, it's important you deal with them right away. Taking action will prevent those items from taking up space and potentially making their way back into your closet.
If you are local in San Antonio we will gladly pick up. If you are outside of the city  you can ship the items to us. Best part - you are helping us help rescues throughout the country.